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I’m back, with less and fewer days being left to pack and get my blog posts up! I honestly can’t sustain my excitement for the events that we participate in and as for meeting the girls, I’m super excited to meet my roommate!

I am so inspired when it comes to fashion. I love the fact that you have different styles to work with, different types of clothing (dresses, shorts, blouses etc.). When you’re looking for something in a store than most of the time you’re just cruising around but sometimes you’re looking for something specific. When it comes to clothing, everything is specific, whether it’s that new ‘Louis Vuitton’ Rose Ballerine Shoulder Flap Bag or those ‘Gucci’ Ace Embroidered White Leather Sneakers, then you’re always choosing a colour and look that suits your taste… whether you prefer those gold heels or silver heels, those strappy heels or those full on covered heels. Who knows?! But what I do know is that whatever you’re wearing will show people around you what your type of style is, when you’re wearing something then it can compliment your face, your body type etc. but most of all it can catch someone’s eye. That’s what I meant when I was talking about the fact that fashion and clothing can be specific because when we buy something then we want it to fit our needs.

Now as I can say even though most of us love GUCCI or LOUIS VUITTON, than sometimes or anytime it can’t fit our budget,  this is why I wanted to show you the fashion that I am totally into, that will definitely make the cut into your budget!

In the pictures below: I have three lovely young ladies showing you some clothes that are just beautiful, but still, have a great price. Clothes don’t have to be expensive to look great!

Cameron(Left), Sonya(Middle) and Mackenzie(Right)

Cameron(Left), Sonya(Middle) and Mackenzie(Right)

First, let me start off with introducing you to these lovely ladies. These three ladies are part of a family of 5 in total, with the Mom/Wife (Sonya), 2 girls (Cameron and Mackenzie), one boy (Hudson) and the Dad/Husband (Vince).

I personally thought that writing a blog post about the outfits of a mother and her daughters would be adorable and that’s exactly what I did!

These girls are showing off their inner style and honestly I am totally loving it! As for most people by now must be intrigued to find out the prices for these clothes, I’ll just have to get right into it!

Sonya’s outfit looks simple but great. Her outfit includes a white dress with black designs all over, styled with brown sandals as well as a pair of black sunglasses.

Sonya (Mom):

Her Dress was from ‘OLD NAVY’ for $29

Shoes are from ‘GUESS’ for $29

Sunglasses are also from ‘GUESS’ for $29

Total Price Of Full Outfit= $87

Moving on to Cameron (Oldest Daughter):

Cameron and her outfit look super pretty! Cameron’s outfit has some pop of color to it with a zip-up dress and might I add beautifully patterned dress with Gold sandals.

Cameron’s Outfit Prices:

The Dress is from ‘The Bay’ for $40

Shoes are from ‘JOE FRESH’ for $19

Total Price Of Full Outfit: $59

Last but definitely not least, Mackenzie’s outfit! Makenzie looked absolutely adorable in her outfit which was a light colored butterfly dress with Hot Pink sandals.

Mackenzie’s Outfit Prices:

Her Dress is from ‘H & M’ for only $5

Her Shoes are from ‘JOE FRESH’ for $19

Total Price of Full Outfit: $24


All in all, as you can tell these outfits were hits! They weren’t designer clothes but looked fantastic paired with the right pair of shoes! I hope you all have found some inspiration from this blog post! Now maybe, you know what stores to shop at, for the perfect gift for the right price!

Before I say, my goodbye’s until Pageant Week, I want to give big thanks to Sonya, Cameron, and Mackenzie for helping me out because without them than I wouldn’t have been able to write this blog post!

As always, thanks for reading!

Stay tuned for more!

Lots of love,


P.S — These photo’s were taken at Tanger Outlets 🙂


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